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OOC Name: Namara
Current Characters: Lilya, Sovanna, Maera, Sienna
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She’d been fuming, but she had forced herself to bury it because at the end of the day, the only actions she could control were her own. She couldn’t force others into submission, and as appealing as it sounded, it just wasn’t the type of wolf she was. She was angry, broken, rough around the edges, but she wasn’t a dictator. She of all people believed in freedom upon anything else. Perhaps that was why she’d chosen to follow his trail, her tail lashing from side to side with mild anxiety as she took a deep breath. She couldn’t fight for what was already gone. The love wasn’t there anymore… perhaps it never had been, and they had both just been kidding themselves.

For what felt like, and very well might have been, the first time in months she found herself speaking, the ebony woman’s eyes narrowing slightly. “I can’t do this anymore, Kerb. I can’t stay here.” She couldn’t be tied to him. She couldn’t sit there and watch as he fell in love with his current colead, while everyone else watched… couldn’t sit idly by as he fucked other women… yes, she noticed. Hidden Tree had been one of her favorite spots – it had meant something to her and she had found the scents mingled when she went to clear her head.

She didn’t recognize him anymore… hell, she barely recognized herself anymore and she so badly wanted to take it out on him… she knew she played a part, no matter how subtle. Lacey’s disappearance had hit her hard, and she’d never recovered. She was done. She refused to be laughed at, humiliated by the Draw any more than she was sure they already were. She needed change… she needed to go find their daughter, who was once again missing… less than a year old. Did he even care where she was?

Other Information: Lol Karp's mate died so he left the pack to his son and went to adventure