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.... ooc name: Arla
.... current characters: Lachesis, Greer, Cyril, Sachiel, Sterling, Lavender, Revon, Seven -- HELP ME
.... how you found us: i never leave
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): +40 to speed, +30 to stamina, +30 to strength please!
....a role play sample (200+ words):
As the terrain shifted from forest floor to mountain Revon felt a new surge of energy; excitement. It had been weeks—months?!—since she had last felt the rough ground beneath her paws. A small smile pulled at her lips as her movements became quicker, her long legs maneuvering with easy over the rugged terrain. She glanced over at the dark yearling, her fiery gaze narrowing softly. Revon was surprised that the youth had kept his promise and returned her to the mountain without a fight. She almost felt sorry for him. It had been his sister that had lured her off the mountain and started this whole mess. The boy was just along for the ride, doing as he was told. Or, at least, that’s what she assumed. Maybe he only had a change of heart because he had gotten caught.

It didn’t matter. She was home. No more branches looming overhead; she could actually see the sky without having to find a clearing or patch of forest where the trees didn’t grow Her ears twitched as he spoke, her pointed maw turning to him. She shrugged at his apology, Whatever, before offering him a crooked smile. Get goin’, quick. I’m sure they have patrols goin’ out; they probably already know I’m ‘ere. She still didn’t really like him, but she didn’t want him to run into one of her parents. Especially her mother.

and finally a bit about your character....
Left RoW because he was sad. Did some sad boy stuff. Now he's back. Kind of still sad? Might stick around, might leave. Nobody knows what the gypsy boy does.