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How you found us: A long time ago, but been here
Other characters: Koda, Chiron, Bastet, Rory, Deadlock
Lifepoints: Done

RP Sample (as Bastet--very old)

The soft "wooshing" sound of running water met her ears as she walked through the immensely bright hue of Red Fern Forest. A half day of walking had brought her closer to the main source of water in the Vale of Secrets, and she felt herself deserving of a cold drink after a eventful run in with a male magpie who's bravery resulted in occasional dives at her debris littered coat. The desperate nature of the scavenger bird assured her that the packs in the area had grown smarter in guarding their caches or with winter so far in the future their were none yet dug up. Either way, Bastet found herself snapping feverishly at the fiendish bird only to end up empty handed as it avoided her jaws with swiftness, landed on a nearby branch and waited for her attention to move to the scenery around her before attempting to snatch at the loose debris once more. Finding the Cold Water Creek not only would be a welcoming spot to drink, but perhaps soak her dirt laced coat in an effort to avoid the pestering of this male magpie on her return to Red Fern Forest. Within 20 minutes time the relief she had been craving revealed itself before her; a water source rich with flora surrounding its edges. She approached it with caution, set slowing at one side and placed a single forepaw inside, to check the temperature, before bringing this forepaw up toward her face in a slow motion the washed away the dirt from her cheek. Her movements were feline like, as she repeated this process twice more before moving to another body part all of which focused on her beautiful face. She was careful to nip at the temptation of the magpie along her hips, and whip like tail before plucking the last of a vibrant leaf from her lower back and settling onto her stomach to cast her long legs over the edge o the rushing creek. She would rest beneath the welcoming rays of the sun and regenerate her energy before moving forward. She needed a den, a place where she could seek shelter from the wrath of mother nature, but for now she enjoyed the silence that seemed to swallow her whole at the heart of Cold Water Creek.

Other: I want to try and actually play with him for once. Maybe he'll stay, i don't know but it's worth a shot.