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Willow Ridge
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Character Name: Casanova
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: Few months
Post Prompt Response:

Okay, so he hadn't grabbed adventure by the nape. In fact...he was bored and lonely. He missed having pack beside him, but going back to his family sounded like a boring decision. That's what spurred the young man on to find a pack...but he needed a gift. He wasn't a medic, or a hunter, not by the least. The man's parents had been noble guardians and he had no problem carrying on their role. It was honorable...even if the Tribe was just a bunch of peaceful pansies who negotiated everything. So, using his skills, the man took on a small lone coyote that was weakened from winter's bitterness.

He took the coyote to the nearest pack, laid it's limp body down and howled for the leaders. He was met with a pair of leaders (or just one of them?) who rightfully questioned him. He did just show up at their front door with a dead coyote.  "I am Casanova Castillo. My parents are guardians, and I wish to continue in their trade beneath a mentor. I can provide another set of teeth to protect the pack's pups in the near future. I am an able and willing body. In return for my loyalty I would like to gain new skills regarding being a guardian. I can fight and I know the ways of a pack. I can ensure to you that I will not be a dead weight." The man spoke of these promises, his deep baritones serious and calm. His posture was not dominant nor overly submissive, his head lowered and tail hanging limp. If pressured he would submit, but unless made to do so, the confident red-furred wolf would not.

Post prompt:Your wolf has decided to show up on the borders within the Drooping Willows with a gift in hopes of joining the pack. What type of gift is it (ie. herbs, an oddly shaped rock, a freshly caught squirrel, etc.) and why did they choose to bring it to Morganna and/or Nicolo? Does it symbolize anything or emphasize your wolf's strengths or hint at what kind of service they can provide the pack? How do they address and present it to their potential future Leaders?
Accepted. (: