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Noemie looked onward, uncertain of her next words. She's a traveller, a wanderer at heart. Noe hadn't ever felt the need to be drawn to this place, but with her new found following she believes this is the right way to be led. "Hello, my name is Noemie Beaulieu. I come here from Macha, she told me about your pack and I would like to join." Pausing to formulate her next words, she wasn't very sure how they would accept her. "I come here seeking guidance and in return I will give all of my skills. Whatever I end up learning here, alongside what I currently already know, will be used to help benefit the pack." Noe smiled up at the silent jury, proud and sure of herself, something that easily could be her downfall here. She stepped forward ever so slightly, fidgeting a bit. Hopefully, her demeanor and words would show the other she means well. "If you'll have me, that is." the pup preserved her meek smile as she glanced up at the woman, not really knowing what else to add to this one-sided conversation. This was all so strange, so foreign. She only hoped that if they allowed her to reside amongst them that she wouldn't screw anything up.

Accepted! :)
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