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Shallow’s Edge
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Character Name: Risaela
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: Almost eleven months.
Post Prompt Response:

((I’m going AWOL from the post prompt sorry guys! ))

She shouldn’t be this anxious. Honestly, it was just like coming to ask family to live with them. But that was probably where she was the most scared - that they would turn her away or throw her out like she meant nothing to them. That was her worst fear in the situation...

No, you’re annoying. Leave.

No, you’re not good enough. Go away.

Are you joking? Why would we ever want you here?

It didn’t help that her best friend hadn’t even said goodbye to her when she left the Surge two days prior. Negative thoughts had hold in her mind, and it was all hurting so much. She couldn’t stand the thought that they might not even want her at all.

Of course, she didn’t expect to just be let in for simply asking. That’s why she had managed to catch a decent sized marmot and adorned it with a resilient little spring flower she’d picked up on the way. That way, even if they had enough food, maybe they would like the flower.

Most of her worries went away after she howled and a dark figure came from the dense forest in front of her.

”H-hi, uncle @Askan // @Reyes ... could I p-please be part of your pa-pack? I’ll b-be good. There was n-no room left ‘n D-D-Driftwood, an’ I was hopin’ you mi-might be able to p-put me to good u-use.”
Reyes took a deep breath. Always with the children, wasn't it? They were like goddamn magnets. He had no idea how Risaela had even found them since they moved, but... Whatever. He'd figure that out later -- not like they were keeping secrets, and Lachesis did know exactly where, but -- whatever. He squinched his brow together as she ignored his request, asking instead to be 'put to use'.


Why didn't anyone ever listen?

"Well, if you aren't going to hunt, we figure something else out. Walk with me."

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