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Willow Ridge
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It had taken him longer than expected but he was here, son in tow, each bearing gifts. In his jaws was a rabbit, thick and juicy and partially white from winter and in his son's jaws was a squirrel, thin and fragile but a catch all his own. He was proud of his son, the growth he'd experienced from the few months of being here had shown itself tremendously and he wondered if his presence was even needed. He had done all he could do as far as keeping him alive, but he was loyal to his word and because of this he was at the doorstep of Willow Ridge, requesting Ravenna specifically. She knew of their deal and he didn't trust a leading male to expect much from him, considering his age and the handicap of his child. "Stand still," he spoke to Chiron who seemed to be rocking nervously at his spot. They needed to be respectful and professional, nothing about nerves was respectful to a pack, not even in a pup and Koda wanted to be sure that his son knew that. He waited for his company, eyes shifting about in case he would miss something or someone and sat the rabbit down for a moment to lick at his dry lips. He was nervous to say the least but he couldn't show it, not when he knew the odds were stacked against him. He saw her finally, her slender form approaching and he picked the rabbit up expertly to present it to her, leaning in to touch her slightly. "Sorry it took me a while, it feels good to be back." he said, sighing with relief. It felt good to be back here once more.

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Koda will most likely always be accompanied by Chiron unless otherwise stated, or requested.

He looked toward his father, startled at the sternness of his voice and shifted the dead squirrel he held in his jaws slowly. He knew that his father had promised them a new future, and he was excited to know what this place could be and who he could play with once he got there--he was so desperate for friends. He shifted unexpectedly and his eyes moved toward Koda, expecting him to snap a second time but the sound never came and he wondered if it was because his father was preoccupied or maybe he didn't notice. He watched the feminine figure approaching them and found his tail had begun to wag, slow at first and then his rump went wild with excitement, happy that someone was finally coming toward them. She was beautiful, her eyes a mystery to him, but he didn't dare take a step out of turn and waited for the next movement, watching his father with expectation. He would mimic his movements, waiting patiently for whatever would come next.
Chiron will most likely always be accompanied by Koda, unless stated otherwise. Or, if requested.

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Ravenna could smell him on the boarders and there was a certain excitement in her that he had finally come. Having met him still with winter taking much of a hold on the lands she worried the older man and his pup may not have survived. Once more Koda proved he still held much strength and to add, a man of his word. No wonder mother had trusted him at her side as Willow Ridge was created so long ago.

Koda settled the rabbit down before her as she arrived with a smile and to his gentle touch she would touch her nose to the side of his cheek briefly. "I'm glad for it and happy you're finally made it and before the pups arrived, too." By now in her pregnancy it had become quite obvious. Now her attention pulled to the youth Koda had spoken about.

"What a nice catch you got there. I know someone who would love to have a gift like that. I can bring you to her, if you'd like?" She spoke to the boy with a smile, her tail waving in direct response to his own tail moving wildly. With @Adeltra having lost her father recently dying and being sore from her bear wound, perhaps having another pup around would do her some good.