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BWP: Plot Points Tracker
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Clearwater Tarn

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Sahalie's Tracker

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None so far.
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Kino Tracker

The gender reveal- Kino got his butt handed to him and had to give up their den
i'm a child, i'm afraid- Kino, Hal, and Kyna scoot their butts back to AH borders to avoid the coyotes

Aleister's Tracker

  •  broad shouldered beast - 2 thread participants (Kip) | "You encounter three coyotes marking a nearby tree." | Aleister and Kip are ran off the territory with Aleister leading the coyotes away from Kip and CWT | 1pt
  • a new way to bleed - 3 thread participants (Neha & Corona) | "Four coyotes appear from the shadows, posturing aggressively." | Thread in progress
  • worlds apart - 8 thread participants (Neha, Nineva, Elias, Yuka, Ramiel, Judas, & Aytigin) | "Several coyote abandoned a half-eaten deer. But before you can take a bite they reappear" | The group retreats as they will not claim the area, only the temporary caches which they gather before leaving | 1pt

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None so far.
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NOTE! Neha is currently traveling with Aleister
-- so she can be in any thread with him fyi! --
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Namir's Tracker

  •  oh, you thought - 3 thread participants (Marisol + Odin) | Odin, Marisol, and Namir chase coyotes away from CWT's borders. (In exchange for a free meal, of course.) | Finished
  • just pray the wires aren't coming - 2 thread participants (Cyril) | She's looking for Lenny and finds coyotes instead... | WIP

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oh, you thought: +1

Nauja's Tracker

  • What she knew - Three thread participants (Treyah + Kerberos) | A first time meeting is interrupted by coyotes howling before coming after them, they escape. | Finished. +1

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Borya's Tracker

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None so far.
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NOTE! Borya is currently traveling with Carrion Crew
-- so any/all of them can be in any thread with him fyi! --

Tilly's Tracker

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Hammering the nails
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Into a sacred coffin

Starhale Tracker


Enoki tracker