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Pilea's Tracker

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Vigils Keep

  •  broad shouldered beast - 2 thread participants (Kip) | "You encounter three coyotes marking a nearby tree." | Aleister and Kip are ran off the territory with Aleister leading the coyotes away from Kip and CWT | 1pt
  • worlds apart - 8 thread participants (Neha, Nineva, Elias, Yuka, Ramiel, Judas, & Aytigin) | "Several coyote abandoned a half-eaten deer. But before you can take a bite they reappear" | The group retreats as they will not claim the area, only the temporary caches which they gather before leaving | 1pt

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Archie's Tracker

  • the ins and the outs - with vaken, sahalie, and kino - arcus' plans to make friends is foiled by some rude coyotes

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