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Long Silent — Roamer's Rest 
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Forward dated to 4/16

With all of the responsibilities the young Archer had taken upon herself back home, alongside the inevitable danger that came with wild coyote's wandering about, Macha was still determined not to stray too far away from safety, limiting herself to area's directly surrounding her pack and anything she could find between home and Sven's place. Today it would be the latter. Even though she'd more than done a once-over of these lands, the fae knew that there was bound to be something new to see if she went looking for it. Plus, wasn't it about time to scope out how the growth of all of the local herbs were coming along? Just a quick trip away to clear her mind, then she'd be right back within the borders.

As promised, Macha managed to stumble across the most peculiar looking tree, something she'd managed to miss time and time again before now. It looked as if it was specifically made to be inhabited by something, and the near-yearling's mind hastily jumped to tree spirits. She smiled as she slowly began to approach the sight. "Nature sure is lovely, isn't it?" the girl said sweetly to herself before something perhaps even more peculiar caught her eye. Something was moving inside of there, what? A tree spirit, perhaps? But to be this visible? Well, that'd be a miracle. "Hello?" She asked with  bit of enthusiasm, quickening her pace as she approached the tree. What was it?! Well, whatever it was it was definitely too small to be of any danger to the girl. Unless of course it really was a tree spirit, though the girl hadn't ever done anything to piss one off before. She was pretty sure she was in the clear.

Alas, as Macha closed the distance the form became quite clear to her. A small, slimy brown guy stared curiously up at her now. 'crooaakk' "Oh.. Hello, Mr. Toad." She sighed, what a disappointment.

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