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.... ooc name: cass
.... current characters: none, only gren for now
.... how you found us: advertisement
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): 94 speed, 72 stamina, 59 speed
....a role play sample (200+ words): Spittle flew from his lips— Grendel barely heard what the stranger had said through the noise of it all, but deep inside, she felt sickened somehow, like a deeper part of her understood exactly what he was trying to say.

(She felt uninvited here, in these woods. Like a cancer who had no right to be sitting down and making a million replicas of its flawed self, pumping out dysfunctional offspring only for them to pump out dysfunctional offspring, et cetera.)

A word came through the thunderous growling— "Mine!" he seemed to be saying, repeating like a prayer whose words grow almost meaningless, like muscle memory, or a reflex. Grendel issues a snarl of her own, looking at him through an expression of wrinkled disgust. He was a parasite, a vulture, like every one else. He wanted to take what was rightfully hers. The corpse she has taken down is between them, the spindly limbs outstretched and broken, the petrified face of a young, ill deer. But he was larger, stronger. Staying here, defending her catch, it would be foolish.

Resentment comes through in one final, guttural snarl. Her eyes are yellow slits in a tenebrous, narrow face; she whirls around in a tight circle and runs, head lowered submissively, though her fur is alive in belligerent bristles.

and finally a bit about your character... Grendel is a militant and world-weary yearling, made so because of her demanding upbringing and home. Despite her almost feral nature, she is awkward with words and shy, instead preferring to communicate through wordless gestures and expressions.

She dislikes wolves who speak in complicated and nuanced ways, and worships truth above all else, no matter the cost.
Hey cass, welcome to Relic Lore!

Just one quick thing: you put speed down twice. Which one is supposed to be strength?
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Thanks for the welcome^^! And ah, my bad. The last number's supposed to be strength.