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.... ooc name: Kydnt
.... current characters: Mako
.... how you found us: Who knows
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Already there
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Mako hated to admit it, it was awfully dull without Rissy around to keep him entertained. He also hated to admit that she was his only real friend in the pack. He wasn't very good at the whole social thing, and the little girl had sort of forcibly dragged him out of his shell by virtue of her bubbly demeanor. None of the others in the pack were quite as effervescent as the kid was, and if Mako wasn't forced to interact with others, he just wouldn't. The Coho was more like a shadow than anything else, something always there but silent and easy to forget.
So he figured nobody probably noticed when the surly youth scaled up the mountainside, relishing the purposeful ache in his muscles as he hauled his body up the incline, eyes settled on a dark spire of stone jutting from the slopes of the Dire. Even despite the chill in the cold mountain air, the effort had his breath leaving his mouth in steady puffs of steam. It was good for him though, he had a physique to keep up.
Mako hadn't expected to run into somebody else up here, and the warm feeling of accomplishment as he finally made it to the rocky outcropping was quickly dampened to see that someone else had already made it up here. Gods, she didn't even look like she'd broken a sweat. She hadn't even said or done anything yet, but Mako couldn't help but stare sourly as his spit-frothed tongue flapped out in the cold air.
and finally a bit about your character.... A tricksy little minx