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lightning, so frightening — Red Fern Forest 
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Ryker Lieris
RE: Violent thunderstorms over take Relic Lore!

It felt so weird being in the lore after so long. but Ryker was enjoying the freedom to explore the land now, even if he was with his sister and their 'guardian'. All he had ever known was the Notch and the pack their parents made outside the lore. So everything was exciting for him. New sights and smells that drew him in over this side of the mountain made him wonder why he never ventured further away.

Even now, it was late at night now, with most everything sleeping. Yet Ryker found he couldn't sleep, because he was tucked away in an old den, made by who or what he wasn't sure but it allowed him to peer out it's entrance and watch as thick dark clouds rolled above, flashes of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder echoing in the sky.

Would it rain? or would the clouds keep on going and continue warning others of impending doom if they doesn't scatter and run for shelter?
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Sachiel Leigh Selwyn

As the sky growled angrily above the shallows sleep evaded the tawny boy, causing him to flop around restlessly as he attempted to find a comfortable position against the cool stone. But, despite his efforts, nothing came. He was left wide-eyed in the darkness of the den, his over-sized paws hanging limply over his chest as he examined the dark ceiling above him. A hushed, exasperated sigh escaped him as he rolled to his stomach and scrambled (as quietly as possible) away from the sleeping Edge wolves. A roll of thunder echoed through the sky as he sauntered through the trees—south, toward the forest filled with crimson ferns.

The darkness greeted him like an old friend as he streaked through the woods, his paws placed carefully in front of each other as his mismatched gaze sifted through the dark, juniper-coloured trees. It was foolish of him to disappear into the trees without the company of another, especially with coyotes lurking around, but he couldn’t stop his paws from moving. His pace slowed as the lush, rust-coloured leaves caressed his sides. A heavy sigh caused his shoulders to sag in relief as he glanced, almost nervously, around the dark forest.

The thunder came once more, louder than before, causing the boy to turn his chin to the dark clouds above. His nose wrinkled. Maybe he should have woken @Hawthorne to keep him company…

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