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.... ooc name: Wildone

.... current characters: Tulip
.... how you found us: An add
.... your character's initial physique life points: Speed:33 Strength:33 Stamina:34
....a role play sample (200+ words): A chilly breeze of autumn air whistled through the trees, an eerie yet calming song. Tall evergreens rose from the ground to tower above all. They were like the kings of the forest, but the beast that roamed them only knew one King of Spoopy Hollow. They stood as proud monuments watching a land that they could not claim for themselves, but were deemed to spend their life in. A simple snort stirred the fallen needle like leaves, a white mist escaping moist nostrils.

Rook.. While he hadn't quite scented him, Chemical had enough brains to figure out he was approaching his temporary home and only one thought remained on his mind. Wilted from both weather and time, droopy herbs that the heir knew little about dangled from his maw. Hyssop...Lavender...or something. He didn't really care to what he was carrying, didn't even need it's name or purpose. All that was important to the Romance man was that he had gathered it and was here to not only return himself, but present his offering. The saggy stems had little significance in steel eyes, other than to please the wolf he had chosen weeks ago to follow.

Tall and strong, the giant moved through the scenery with ease, his walk steady and laid back. He saw no rush, and ran over in his mind how he'd explain himself. Surely Chemical had been out longer than acceptable, but this absence didn't come without excuse. Wanderlust wasn't to blame, but a broken compass so to say. Possibly his sister too, for she had taken up a piece of his time, then sent him back with fresh news about his family. Not all that had been spoken of was merry, but still he felt hope for a better future.
Eyes cast upon the horizon, he continued on towards the Hollow bats.

and finally a bit about your character.... Nia is the daughter of Danica.