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Corona Fayre
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.... ooc name: Nim
.... current characters: Corona
.... how you found us: Top 50 Wolf RPGs
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):
Speed:120 Stamina:95 Strength:110
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Pads tread lightly upon the damp earth, nostrils taking in the scents of various pines, evergreens and conifers in the air. She'd been waiting for this day, dreaming of it, in fact. It was her first time away from her father, her first hunt  on her own... she could do this, right? Of course she could! What little doubt she had was masked quickly by her determination as she paused briefly to take in the scents of the fauna up and about. It was overcast, the morning rains had come and gone leaving the scents of the day before stale, and the new fauna up and about fresh and brand new. So far, things were going smooth.

There they were, her prey of choice. One, a rabbit searching the clovers for the best, juiciest, greenest pieces. Two, a young musk deer, her spots giving her youth away. Mom must be close by... Who to hunt, who to eat? Pads licked delicately against the damp floor, corralling the two almost, searching for a weakness, something that could help her choose. Father would be pleased more with the musk deer, yet the rabbit is more logical... "Come on Corona, you can do this." Musk deer it is. Throughout her decision making process she'd managed to turn the rabbit from her scurrying to safety within the bushes. This is it! I can do this!

and finally a bit about your character... Corona is a very determined, brave individual who doesn't know a thing about commitment and is likely to never (outwardly) show fear. She lost her mother, and feels secretly it's all her fault. As a result, Corona is afraid of betrayal on both parties and feels more connected with males rather than with females.