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Chiron Reinier
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OOC name: Hero
Other characters: Bastet, Rory, Koda, Lavender, Deadlock
How you found us: Top 50 RPG
Life points: Can you add 150 (47 to speed, 48 stamina, 55 strength)

RP sample: (from Rory)
She was back near Secret Falls, and more determined then ever to find him. She moved with a constant pace, eyes keen on each shape and structure that surrounded her, a feeling of slight delight took over her when she would spot a budding flower or peaking new growth of grass. Spring would sooner than later be on them and she was happy about it, anticipating the changes that would come from it. Puppies would be here soon, new parents would bring happiness and joy from the prospect of birthing new life, emotion that she needed to feel her own sense of security in the pack. She was losing herself without Aytigin and it was showing. Her fur was beginning to grow patchy, mostly from the warm weather but also from the stress she'd been encountering lately and the fact that she couldn't shake these dreadful onset of tears was another thing altogether. She was falling apart by the seams, bit by bit, but outwardly she faked her appearance.  It never occurred to her that someone was nearby or that she was getting rather far from the pack but part of her wouldn't have cared either way, she needed this closure even if it punished her in the process.

Other: I didn't mean to miss the check...could be be placed back in WR please?
You’ll have to ask in maintenance for your leaders to put you back in WR.
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