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Shallows Edge
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Character Name: Kieron
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Since April.
Post Prompt Response:
Your call is not responded to right away. Instead you sense that you are being watched, judged from afar. Does this bother you? Or do you stand tall and proud, prepared for whatever happens next? Two dark wolves soon appear on the other side of the-clearly marked- border. For a long moment, they regard you with narrow eyed suspicion, but then soon cut to the chase."If you're looking for a free easy ride, then leave, now. Because you won’t find that here.” Once-and only if- it becomes clear that you intend to stand your ground, do they continue. “Fine. If you really want to join our ranks, prove it. Go catch something for our caches, by yourself. You have a day.”

Upon your return, the dark wolves debate your offering, and decide if you can stay.

(Taking a little liberty with this to fit Kieron's establishing narrative...)

It had been some time since @Askan and Kieron had made contact. For the better part of two long moon cycles so, she had dutifully patrolled the borders of Shallows Edge. She didn't particularly cross them, mark them, or even make contact with the pack's members, but she did as she had promised, letting the band of wolves rest a little bit easier in the dead of night. On the morning of the 62nd dawn, she called to him for her 'weekly' report (which was basically her checking in with the dark man every few days if nothing was terribly out of place).

As per usual, they did not come at the drop of a hat, and as was commonplace, Kieron collected herself and sat at the edge of the lake the pack had called home. The gentle roar of the falls a welcome sound after a whole night of nothing but owl calls and creatures that made themselves scarce upon her arrival in their midst. She examined her right paw to pass the time, observing the elegant bend in her wrist, the black of her paw pads, the curved shape of her nails...

"If you're looking for a free easy ride, then leave, now. Because you won’t find that here.”

Her ears drew upward and faced forward, much like a deer's did when caught seemingly off-guard. She stared into @Reyes' face and gave him her characteristic smile that was both complacent and possibly enigmatically charming all at once. She would not be denied.

"I've nothing to report," she spoke to Askan. "Coyotes nearby have been restless but they aren't a threat - at least, not yet. Do you have any more assignments for me? The caches I can manage as I go."
Askan had been curious to see how it all would unfold. He half expected the woman to give up once she realised she wouldn't be given a free ride- after it had happened before, what was stopping history from repeating itself? And yet here she was, a report spilling from her lips as she stood there, confident and ready.

Well, they would see about that, now wouldn't they?

"Hmph. This way." He jerked his neck, a brutish motion to suggest she ought to follow him. She had permission to step over the threshold, but more than that she was on the cusp of joining the ranks.

He belatedly realised that she didn't know his name, or he hers....But he supposed they could get to that next, they had a fair amount to talk about. All in due time...

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