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Sen/Isaura Plots
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So I have the next week off and I want to get some threads going with Isaura and Sen. I am open to just about anything with the two of them but here are some of the things I am looking for.

My sweet girl who is currently looking for Ruari and trying to stay hidden from her brother and Sen. She is starting to get a backbone and is more willing to throw her weight around however she would rather avoid conflict if possible. She is currently located in Southern Eden.
  • Friends-She could use some friends since she doesn't have that many in the first place.
  • Teachers-When Ruari was hurt she became interested in healing so anyone with knowledge of that is more than welcome. Of course, she is willing to learn almost anything
  • 'Clues'-These would be clues to where Ruari is however if she has some false trails to follow that would be interesting

He hasn't been accepted yet and seeing as how I haven't played a 'nasty' character in a very long time I need some threads to get that muse flowing. Sen is a character that I will be using to help Isaura's development but he can also help make some tension for other characters as well.
  • Rivals- A good rival or someone who can beat him down to give him the motivation to get stronger
  • Friends- or rather someone who he can have some fun with they don't necessarily have to be mean just entertaining
  • Pawns- He is always looking for someone to use to help him get further in reaching his goals. Whether that's tearing someone of their throne or simply causing a bit of mischief.
  • Teachers/Students- He knows a bit about poisons and is willing to teach someone about them for the right price. Sen will only try and learn from those who prove their skills are worth learning so he will have to be shown a 'good show' before he even considers it.
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sven has no problem putting other wolves in their place if they get shitty with him, so if you want sen to get in a little trouble he's your guy.

it also might be fun to put sen and roland together, they can have a pissing contest or something. roland is pretty quick to return any attitude he gets.

and finally, ember has pretty extensive knowledge of poisons. maybe sen can catch her offing a batch of coyotes with them? idk what would impress him. :P
Having him get into a dust up with Sven would be pretty interesting. I'll probably have him start around WR then.

He won't be heading north just yet so I'll keep Roland in mind, but Ember x Sen thread sounds really fun. (Her offing a bunch of coyotes would definitely get his attention especially with so many around)

I can start both threads once he gets activated. Any particular areas you want the threads in. (I figure Sven's thread could be right by WR borders.)
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yeah wr works best for sven, and then where drooping willows hits the mountain or a bit up the mountain could be where sen finds emby. (: