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Number the Stars — Turtleback Lake 
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Driftwood Surge IV. Yearling

It was the first time she'd been outside the borders by herself in months. The crow was nervous especially knowing the coyotes were near. She didn't plan to go very far from the border but she wanted to explore a little since her leg was better. Well as much as it was probably ever going to be but she'd accepted that it might never be the same as it once was. She knew that she might always have a limp but she wasn't going to let that stop her. She wasn't going to let it discourage her from succeeding in her life.

Oksana was careful to not put too much stress on her leg while she moved around outside the border. She knew Lachesis was right in that she wouldn't be able to help the pack if she reinjured her leg. Even with that in mind it was still nice to get out and stretch it a bit. That was exactly what she was going to do as she took her first steps beyond the border.