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The Far Side of the Sky — Willow Ridge 
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Willow Ridge II. Lead Scout
Leotie Rhys
not looking for some fairytale bliss

The new mother had left the children in the capable hands of the pack for a chance to stretch her legs. It felt like it had been forever since she'd been so far out in the territory. She walked at a leisurely pace out through the willows soon finding the place that had quickly become her favorite. Now as summer drew closer it was just as pretty as she remembered it.

The Willow creating it's curtain of leaves, some of it's branches cascading down into the stream below. She stepped up to the short embankment looking into the water as it flowed past the tree. It had always been a place of peace for her, she would have to bring her children to this place once they were big enough.

With a contented sigh the Agouti woman slipped under the curtain to sit at the base of the tree where she could enjoy the sounds of the water and birds above her.

i want something just like this