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all in context. — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Shallows Edge II. Leader
Backdated for 6/8ish so Reyes could still feasibly follow.  For @Cancer.  Nearish WRF, left vague.

The ‘who’ and ‘what’ were fairly clear, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ were decidedly less so. He had Askan’s side of the story (with a grain of salt – he loved the man, but he also knew him), but still didn’t quite know what had happened with the other two. It didn’t mean he’d change his opinion, but it felt very unsolved, as it stood. Reyes didn’t plan to leave Shallow’s Edge for long, just long enough to follow the pair, get his answers, and head back home.

Tracking them had led Reyes back up north, near a pack he didn’t think he’d see again – but life kept doing that sort of thing to him, it seemed.

Eventually, Cancer’s scent grew stronger, and he barked softly, seeking to talk with the man, not actually startle him. It was neutral. Questioning. There was nothing hostile or aggressive about him (not at the moment).

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