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all in context. — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Backdated for 6/8ish so Reyes could still feasibly follow.  For @Cancer.  Nearish WRF, left vague.

The ‘who’ and ‘what’ were fairly clear, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ were decidedly less so. He had Askan’s side of the story (with a grain of salt – he loved the man, but he also knew him), but still didn’t quite know what had happened with the other two. It didn’t mean he’d change his opinion, but it felt very unsolved, as it stood. Reyes didn’t plan to leave Shallow’s Edge for long, just long enough to follow the pair, get his answers, and head back home.

Tracking them had led Reyes back up north, near a pack he didn’t think he’d see again – but life kept doing that sort of thing to him, it seemed.

Eventually, Cancer’s scent grew stronger, and he barked softly, seeking to talk with the man, not actually startle him. It was neutral. Questioning. There was nothing hostile or aggressive about him (not at the moment).

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Risaela was happy here, and that was important. It was something to focus on, something to keep going. It kept him here, though the tether was weak and strained. He was a shadow, only available at her word, and he dared not enter the lowland's expanse. Instead he haunted the treeline, doing what he should have done at the Edge; present to the pack only by the caches he filled and the scent markers he left behind.

Cancer thought this was sustainable. For everyone else it should be easy, for him it was... bearable. It was a way to exist. Then he wandered out of bounds and someone who wasn't Risaela called to him. The youth froze, tensed, grimaced. His ears swept back as recognition seeped behind his eyes. Reyes. Why was he here, looking for him? They had ties to the Fields, perhaps this was coincidence? Or perhaps Askan was angrier than Cancer thought about all that had happened. His mind ran away from him with the worst assumptions.

What was he to do though, run? Apparently his days of running were over, he'd finally been backed into a corner. Because turning around and fleeing would cause problems, and then they would reach Ris. Cautious and unnerved, he moved, slowly approaching the man who used to be his alpha.

He didn't speak, wouldn't really know what would be worth the breath to say, so instead he waited for Reyes to explain.

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Cancer noticed him – but didn’t say anything. The older wolf waited for a few more moments, uncertain if the man was looking for something to say, or just waiting himself. At least he didn’t look hostile, he supposed, or too roughed up. He exhaled heavily through his nose, his posture still carefully neutral – he didn’t say anything until they were a few strides apart.

“Cancer. You made quick time, y’know that?” How was he going to go about this? If he were a man, he might have been pinching his brow, rubbing his face – but he had no hands, only stared forward and worked on the inside of his cheek. “I heard that there was a bit of a confrontation. I also know how Askan is, so… What happened?”

He wasn’t certain he’d get the unbiased truth from Cancer either, but between the two stories, Reyes hoped he could piece together something close to the actual series of events that led to the departure of two wolves. As it were, the entire situation left him...very uncomfortable.

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