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.... ooc name: Kristen
.... current characters: Adeltra, Kino, Leith
.... how you found us: Top 30 I think, many moons ago
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): 31 speed, 33 stamina, 36 strength
....a role play sample (200+ words):Mother had told her to stay out of it, that she’d take care of the member who’d wronged them. But Ellie simply couldn’t let it go. They’d been around forever, since Ellery was but a little pup, and they knew the rules. It had been laid out to them, fair and square, and while Ellie cared for them she knew there could be no exceptions. There must be order, there must be law and the law must be obeyed. So, with her tail flagged over her back the bulky girl tracked down the woman. She bore down on her, a snarl rising from her black lined white lips before she slammed into her. A yelp came from the other’s throat as she crashed into the ground, smaller than the large yearling. “How dare you,” she growled, oceanic eyes narrowed into thin slits.

She stood over the other, pinning her to the ground. The woman stuttered, trying to explain herself but to the pale blonde girl there was no excuse. Only reprimanding. “You knew what would happen. Truth always comes to the surface, you should have been honest in the first place. You betrayed us, the ones who took you in and gave you a home. For you, there are no second chances. When mother tells you to leave, you will go without a word. You know she’ll do worse than I if you argue anyhow,” she rumbled.

The woman opened her mouth to speak, and the words that Ellie wanted to hear were not spoken. It was more excuses, more lies and she wouldn’t have it. Her snout dipped down, sharp teeth poised over the woman’s throat and the words immediately stopped. She did not bite down, didn’t even break skin, but left it so that they could feel her hot breath on their most vital spot. Finally, the words “I understand” escaped from the others mouth and she snorted, backing from over the woman who remained on her back with her tail tucked. “If we smell you around here, there’ll be hell to pay,” she said before turning, convinced she had made her point. A certain part of her felt sadness, sadness at losing a lifelong friend. At losing someone who had been there since the beginning. But the righteous part outweighed that.

(set a few weeks later) Ellery had been reprimanded harshly for her actions, after all she had nothing to hide. She always told the truth, that much was certain. She’d been confined to the territory and made to clean the dens every other day, a small price to pay for justice. Once her punishment had been lifted she’d made to travel two territories over, where she’d been told the woman had settled. It would take her a day or so to reach it, but she was determined to go. So she went, her goal strongly in mind. It took her a little while to find the den, but when she did she placed a hare at the entrance. A sign of good faith, a sign that she was pleased that she’d done as asked and, perhaps, a sign of good tidings. She hoped that wherever she went next she could be happy there in the way that apparently she could not be with them. She didn’t wish death on her, quite the opposite actually. She did not belong with them, but she hoped that she found somewhere that she did.

The girl turned and headed off quickly, wanting to avoid any confrontation with the other. She didn’t want to explain herself, simply do what she felt needed to be done and be done with it. So, she trekked back home and that was the end of it.

and finally a bit about your character... The first babby of Nineva and Elias, with a penchant for delivering righteous justice

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