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Kaela had wandered ever north, following the winter. But soon, as it always did, her cold goddess left her for the year. She then steered them south, seeking something she did not know.

The wraith had grown accustomed to her new companion, teaching him and shaping him into a man that she could tell on - to a point. She would always be independent, but this was a new kind of bond. Was it friendship? She didn't know the word.

Still, this was a man who could never disappoint her. Though she would never admit it, she had a kind of faith in him. She'd offered him freedom, and had not lost her own. It was... Strange.

Now she wanted to test his new strength. He was not the man who submitted easily anymore. As they returned to familiar land, blue eyes turned to her companion. "How would you like the chance to prove to those who tried to subdue you that you can not be vanquished?"

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