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Variants in Litter Size
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To vary the number of pups each pairing can have and make it more natural in the next spring season onward...

lone wolves have a 90-95% chance of having just one pup, and a 5-10% chance of having two

subordinates in a pack have a 70% chance of having one pup, but a 30% chance of having two

leading wolf plus subordinate has a 50% chance of having two pups, but a 25% chance of having one and a 25% chance of having three

leading pair has a 60% chance of three pups, a 20% chance of two, and a 20% chance of four.

I think this would create a more fun, dynamic, and much more realistic way of seeing how many puppies could be born each year. Of course, the numbers and percentages are completely free to change. It sounds like much more work than it actually is, because you would just have to take each pair and run them through a customized random generator with numbers and percentages set.

It could even be as simple as running a number selector 1-100, and (for example), if the pair are both lead wolves, one of the first 60 numbers would be three pups, the second 20 numbers would be 2 pups, and the last 20 could be four pups. So, if you got the number 68, you would have two pups. 32, you would have three. 97, you would have four, and so on and so forth.

But anyway, the set numbers of litters on here... it doesn’t bother me, per say, but I do think that it could be made much more realistic and interesting!

Any thoughts?
I for one am in favor of this. *thumbsup*
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Ooo I like it! Makes it more interesting for players to see what they might get! :D
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i like this idea :)
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It’s a good idea, but at this time we’re not interested in changing how we determine litter sizes. We control the litter sizes the way we do because after 7 years of different seasons, we have a pretty solid grasp on just how many pups the game can actually handle in terms of enough pups having players and, maybe more importantly, keeping those players and remaining active.

Thanks for making the suggestion! If we decide to change it up next year, we’ll keep this proposal in mind.
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It is an interesting idea, but I do feel as though it would unfair to those who aren't very lucky. As the system stands now, it's fair and balanced. And as Shadow said, having more pups does come with issues of keeping them active.

Not to mention, the reason loners only have one is in part to discourage them from having pups at all, as realistically it doesn't make sense.
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Interesting ideas, but I think Shadow makes a really good point. Plus, some puppies this year really struggled getting apps, and that's really hard when you're a 'puppy parent' and worked hard on them! I know it would be a more random system, but it could result in a very big puppy population, and it would be a major bummer if there were many puppies and not many people applying.
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I think, in a way, I like this idea. But, as admin say, it leaves the potential of way too many pups then players to take them on. I think the best way to make this idea work would be to make the pregnancy success lower for loners. Whether it be a separate roll to see if the mother got pregnant at all or they were all stillborn, or loners requiring a higher level of points first. Either way, that's more work to put out and would take time developing.