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You just might see a ghost tonight — Firefly Weir 
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Celandine Argyris
Late evening. Broken Clouds 75.2 ° F, 24 ° C - Celandine, a raven won't stop harassing you. AW for 1-2 wolves!

The setting sun played on the Lagoon's mirror-like surface, disturbed only by Celandine's muzzle as it dipped into the crisp water. A year ago she might have went splashing right in, sending ripples and waves cascading away from her form, but now the Argyris simply stared into it's tempting depths. It was fascinating that she didn't care so much for something that she had always loved, that somehow it felt less important now. How strange that her priorities, and the levels of regard that she once held for certain things had taken a backseat to so many others. The pale woman wondered if there would come a point in which she became unrecognizable, even to herself.

Movement in the Lagoon's reflection forced her head to tilt upwards and to the side. There sat a raven, who looked incredulously at her. Huh. Bringing her head down once more, Celandine tasted the cool water on her tongue. That's when the first caw came. Her ears swiveled subconsciously towards the sound, and she lifted her head once more to face the creature. Then it called out again, with more urgency than it had before. The woman cocked her head, curious as to what it was trying to tell her. So it cawed again, and again. Over, and over, until it took to the air. "What?" Now she was talking to birds. Fantastic. 

Her voice seemed to egg it on, however, and the raven dove straight out of the air, pecking once at the top of her crown, before it shot back up into the sky. Her teeth flashed at it's stupidity, or her own for not catching it the first time. It was smart though. Too smart to come back down. Instead, it flew in circles above her, cawing over, and over again. "What?! What do you want?"

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