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.... ooc name:Switch

.... current characters:Triell,Renier,Lila,Remington,Lilith,Summiter,Vareth
.... how you found us: internet
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):done
....a role play sample (200+ words):The marsh was the least of his favorite places to be any time of year. Which was considerably odd since as a child it had been a great place to escape and explore. Back in the day when he could convince Ryvet to tag along, or trick Taima by making up some kind of competition. When those things didn't work he came alone, often to practice hunting. It was where he had gained some skill. Maybe, those memories were the reason he was lurking in the tall grass. Checking for something worth chasing. Despite hating the smell of mire, and the squelching mud against his toes.What Ren would find was far from what he expected. The shift in the grasses caught his eye, and hopeful he approached. There was not the scent of prey, but a mixture of Sven and Hectate. Then, he saw a small puff of black dragging a large stick. This had to be Skoll's latest. Where was the brute? Where was her mother? The moral debate began. He had not caused any harm to any of them, yet he wouldn't say his presence would be welcome. But, he didn't exactly feel better about just leaving her here. There were a couple names that made that difficult. 

and finally a bit about your character....Raising little Lyall Archers.