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Garmir's Scout expedition
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Garmir is going to soon depart from Charred Ash Draw for his 4th long range Scout expedition, this Time planning to Cross The mountains and head east.

Goals of his journey:
  • Still looking for @Triell or anyone whom might have seen him since he disappeared.
  • Establishing contacts with other packs.
  • hoping to find what The extend of Coyote threat is.

The journey would take one to two weeks depending on what happens along The way. I Will propably Make/join some 3-6 threads during that Time. If you'd like to meet Garmir or would like Him to visit your pack, let me know.

Im open for some plottings. ^^
He's definitely welcome to come visit the Keep so CAD can know about them. (:
Certainly. VK is pretty far so I think Garmir Will pop up there next week.^^/
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no problem, just tag nineva whenever he's around!
Come to SE, Kana would love to bork.

I believe he knows about CAD as he wandered down that way once but this was aggges ago when Leotie was still around and Naira and Triell still ruled the place.

According to the travel chart they're not actually that far from CAD, even with the mountain in the way, should only take about 3 days.
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Will do @Alice Of course it Will take him little More than 3 Days since he does not know locations of these packs. There Will Be a little bit zig zagging around as he maps the area. ^^

Been waiting to meet Askan for a while. <3
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Happy to have a thread with him if he comes by OTB. They have a friendly relationship with CAD, and obviously Serach & Aponi know Treyah, Sahalie, and Kino.
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3 packs is about Max for 2 week round trip, but adding OTB to list. :+1:

Im still open for few regular threads If there are takers. ^^
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He’s welcome to visit WRF. Jessie knows about CAD from when Triell was ruling but hasn’t been in contact for quite awhile.
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If he's up on the mountain he can meet Moon or if he goes to WRF the Vasi can make an appearance :)

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