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Wild Rye Fields
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Character Name: Sphinx
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Born here, returned about a month now
Post Prompt Response: @Jessie

A warm gaze studied her natal pack's borders in what could only be assumed as hesitation. She had been gone for so long, made those that lived here worry and most of all she caused stress to befall her parents. Sphinx let out a small sigh and prolonged the inevitable call she could have to make to beckon someone forth and pass judgement over rather she would be welcomed back or not after her unintentional stunt of disappearing.  The carcass of a small hare her offering in hopes of easing the initial anger she expected to be greeted with.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Sphinx tipped her head back to release a call and so the waiting game began. Eventually a silvered figure emerged from the tall stalks of wild rye and the young Avalon gulped in nervousness, shrinking her lithe frame a bit in obvious, childish guilt awaiting the rapture of her mother. "Hey, mama.." She began softly, ears splayed back before daring to meet the emerald gaze of Jessie. "Sorry for getting lost, but I'm back now. I found my way home all by myself! I swear it won't happen again."
Ears flicked forwards at the sound of a familiar call, heart picking up a few beats. The aging mother turned on her heel, quickly trotting towards the borders to greet her daughter. Gale and Adelayde had searched long for her and had come up with nothing - but here she was, returned much like her older sister had. Emerald eyes flicked to the hare offering but the graying woman was more concerned with the grown girl in front of her, who looked so much like her father. A small smile was on the mother’s lips, a sad glint in her eye. When she spoke, her voice was soft, “Welcome home. A lot has happened that we need to catch you up on...”

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