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Yearbook favourites and superlatives
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Ok, I dunno about anyone else but i had a hard struggle this year. I haven't been around as much as usual, haven't been following other peoples threads, so for the most part I left a lot of fields blank.

I was wondering if perhaps we could have a nomination thread running through the year where people suggest threads/wolves fitting superlatives they enjoyed and why? I feel really bad leaving fields blank, but I also I didn't feel qualified to respond.

(Then again, there are a lot of different categories and it's hard to keep a mental note so it would be nice to have a consolidated list somewhere to help narrow it down.)

I'm not even proofing this before I submit so apologies if it's jumbled rubbish, I just want to get it down before I forget about it.
yes pls
100% same
I like this idea. It's hard to remember threads from the beginning of the year, and this might solve that/provide a space for people to go creeping on interesting threads~
Have you seen my OOC preferences?
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I guess it could function like the old "favourite quotes" thread? (although I'm not sure this is too similar to the rave thread the staff are already discussing?) Initially I was thinking about including a poll every 3 months to narrow it down to a list of suggestions to give us a drop down to pick from (like pre-polling) XD but then i remembered how many categories there are.
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I like this idea. I had a very similar problem of not being around very much and having to leave a lot of fields blank which left me feeling kind of blah. But, once again, I really like this idea.
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yeah i wouldn't do any narrowing down before the actually voting. and really i wouldn't even think we'd have to have the categories beforehand, people are going to think the same thread might fit into different categories anyways and hopefully people will be submitting threads bc they genuinely love them, not because they might win a certain accolade.

i also think this would be sufficiently different from the thread mentioned in the slack discussion, which i'm guessing is what the 'rave thread' means? because that one i interpreted is more geared toward acknowledging the roleplayer. there'd be some overlapping but not enough to be a huge deal i would think.
The hope was that the rave thread would highlight writing, yeah. (Be it a particular wolf or thread or writer overall.) I think this could potentially be different. Could also frame it as “favorite memories” without any accolades attached to it, so then everyone is free to vote as they want. (Cos as Cade mentioned, people probably see threads/couples/wolves fitting into different slots.)
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We could do a Thread or The Month??? maybe??? That might be a bit harder to do lol.

But again like I said earlier in the chat like last week if people used the “loved threads” feature there’d be a list in your UCP and that would be a good starting point. Just half the time I forget to love things xD
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I support this idea, but I would also encourage any members who are interested to be the change they want to see in the world. :) Feel free to make a thread in Fun & Games or 2 cents and staff can pin it. I personally think it doesn't need to be tied to the superlatives in any way, but can rather just be a good place to post a thread that you're interested in (and why) and others can follow suit. Then at the end of the year, there's a place where if you're not sure about a particular thread for a category, you can check it out.

Also seconding the loved threads feature as a starting point for trying to figure out which threads you'd like to vote for.
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Awesome! I got something set up over here. I just didn't want to double up on the suggested rave thread if it sounded like the same... purpose/idea.

I'll start listing some after I've had my bean juice and defrosted a little.
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