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Happy 8th Birthday, RoW!
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Happy 8th Birthday, RoW!

A while back, the staff received an email from somebody in the wider wolf RPG community congratulating us on running the longest, active running Wolf RPG ever (or at least that they knew of). Today, we mark 8 Years of collaborative, creative writing. I don't think any of us could have anticipated that RoW would have lasted so long or continued to grow so much over the course of its lifetime, but all of us are incredibly proud to have been a part of it. We want to say thank you to everyone who has played a part in this achievement, whether you've been here for 8 years or just 1 day. Our membership is what truly makes our game special, and we are so grateful for all of you for choosing to spend your time writing stories with us. We're so excited to see where the next year takes us.

To commemorate the event, we are proud to release our latest yearbook. You can check it out here: CLICK ME! 

The yearbook is populated by content from you guys, and is filled with wonderful memories about what we and our characters have been up to the past 12 months. Along with releasing the yearbook, we'll also be switching over to a new archive for completed threads and the old archive will be closed.

We also have a new skin created by Sarah that highlights our 3 top posted characters for the year. She has also made the three of you an avatar set to celebrate! Congratulations to:
1. @Askan, with 465 posts. Profile, Thread
2. @Lachesis, with 453 posts. Profile, Thread
3. @Kajika, with 437 posts. Profile, Thread

BWP Updates

The summer is drawing to a close, and with it so will our BWP. The staff is beginning to implement an "end-game" that we hope to implement over the course of August. In the meantime, we're offering you a birthday treat - several of the random coyote encounters have been replaced with food drops that award you health. We hope you enjoy this little reprieve from the coyotes and wish you luck in your encounters!

Happy Birthday RoW, and congratulations everyone! We'd love to hear your favorite memories this year, or what plots you're looking forward to in the upcoming year!
RoW does have unique feel to it. Been in number of sites but here by far community has been best and most importantly staff feels fair and committed. No surprise it is still running stronkk <3
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
Yaaay!! So excite!

Congrats to everyone! It's been an awesome, drama filled year. Here's to another one!

And of course, Sarah did an amazing job with the edits, loving the dad3 skin!
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Happy birthday RoW! These past 6 years, RoW has been like a home to me and I’m so happy to see it still running strong ❤️❤️
Happy b-day RoW <3