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Plots for my gang here?
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So I'm looking to get things going again for my characters, some old, some new. I prefer not to have too many threads going at once but I'm down for future ideas as well as current ones at the moment. If anyone is interested in threading with either nay+amaris or any of them individually, please just drop me a message on any of theirs accounts (Isk is kinda my current main one though) or a dm through slack!

Nayeli is back in the Lore and is travelling with her niece, Amaris. They're currently in the southwest near fireweed rise, planning to cross the pass and then try to visit Oak Tree Bend first, ultimately in search of @Triell / @Sahalie / any relations they can find. They'd probably have some rather interesting reunions with whoever they do find. I'm up for almost anything to happen along the way, I doubt it'll go according to plan and they've already run into some coyotes in this thread if anyone's interested in jumping in there. Obviously it would be interesting for them to run into anyone Nay might recognize from her time here before, but I'm also really interested in meeting new faces as well! Amaris is very outgoing and adventurous (she's also looking for someone who can teach her to be a knight/guardian/something along those lines).

Iskandr has recently arrived to the Lore and has found his way into the heart of the wildwood. He's kind of adrift at the moment and could use some friends, acquaintances, rivals, etc. I'm really up for almost anything with him but I think he especially needs some good friends, despite him leaning toward the defensive side right now. I'd really like to get him into a pack at some point, but it wouldn't be a quick choice for him - still, he's got a lot of things to sort through and he's not going to be able to do it alone.

So yeah, if they spark anyone's interest, just throw whatever you have at me ~
At some point it be interesting to have a thread between, Zilas and Nayeli as they got some history together....  
please don't judge me for talking to my self, after all, you were the one who ruined me.

Keala is permitted to enter any thread Zilas is part of regardless of the tag unless otherwise stated 

Vaken is currently heading back to the Wildwood from wild rye fields. I know there is the thread Vaken/Ferrieran and Isk have here, but I am always around to spree. If Amaris and Nayeli want to bump into him, I can't promise he'll tell the truth about knowing Sahalie- since he's overly protective of the family, but it might add some drama for him to bring back to the CAD border with him.
currently travelling with Circe (she can jump in any of his threads)
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Happy to have a thread with Nayeli if she makes it to OTB. Serach and Nayeli know each other, and he'd be able to fill her in on what happened once she left.
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Would love a thread between Nayeli and Jessie if they are ever in the same area. Jessie is up Larkcall Lowlands in Wild Rye Fields.
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Always open for More threads with any of My characters. Garmir especially is also searching for Triell. ^^
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
I'd love for Miska to bump into Amaris sometime. He is currently around the lagoon/meadow
Thanks everyone who's responded so far! I'm going to reply to everyone a little out of order but yeah! I hope to get to thread with everyone even if it might take a little while to get through them. I think I'm pretty full on Nay/Amaris threads for now but I've still got Isk here as well ~

I totally just realized who @Zilas is! I think it would be really interesting for Nay to meet him again, is he hanging out in a particular region or??

I would totally be down for having her run across @Vaken sometime soon as well, I could probably start that soon if you like?

@Miska I could start an Amaris thread if you're down for that? I think Nayeli and Amaris are going to get chased out of the rise by coyotes so they could run into each other just after that maybe?

If Nayeli finds out @Jessie is in wild rye fields she would definitely seek her out. Even if she doesn't find out, they could still cross paths or something.

If and when they make it to OTB, I'll definitely hit you up for a thread with @Serach, Shadow!

And last but not least, @Garmir I'm not sure when would be the most sensible time for them to cross paths, but I would love a thread! Especially for any info they may be able to trade & spread, but I also just think he sounds really intriguing! Where's he at now and where is he headed, if you don't mind me asking?
Hello. ^^

Right now Garmir is back to Charred Ash Draw and he typically stays within day's range from the pack at most unless he is scouting. His next scout run will be soon, but it will be towards south (mainly towards WR). He has recently visited OTB and if your character is doing that as well, perhaps next stop could be CAD?

If she is searching for Triell and Sahalie perhaps OTB can give direction. Garmir has after all reveled to @Serach Triell is missing and Sahalie is with CAD atm. Otherwise... whenever she happens to be on the western side of mountain range. ^^
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
@‘Iskandr’ that would be perfect, thank you :D