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Crumble and Tumble — Vigils Keep 
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Vigils Keep I. Watchman
Neha Vuesain
RE: Vigils Keep, many of your local florae seem to be plagued with a sickness. Early morning. All welcome.

The break of dawn found Neha already up and about. She had risen well before the rise of the sun, slipping away from the comfort of the main den in search of a small, early meal. She might as well get in a morning patrol while she was at it. But today would not go according to plan. Mother nature it seemed, had an unpleasant surprise in store of a different kind for the Keep wolves.

As she patrolled through the many canyon like, twisting corridors that zigzagged through her home, she had noticed something was wrong. Not the stench of coyotes or rival predators. The problem seemed to be embedded in their very home itself. A deep scowl cut at her lips, brown eyes dark. Everywhere she looked, much of the plant life looked discolored. Sickly. She hovered by a bush and inspected it's leaves. They were riddled with brown dots and patches of yellow. The trees too, seemed to be displaying the same characteristics on their leaves. A sense of worry settling in, Neha quickly began back towards the den. While she knew how to use plants for medicinal purposes, she was less knowledgeable in the sickness of such plants. But if they didn't look healthy, then there was a problem. She needed to check the herbs in the infirmary, to see if they too, had succumbed to the mysterious ailment. When she finally did reach the den, she burst in hurriedly, and any wolf who might be in her way, would be forced to step aside. The urgency in her step and the concern in her eyes was clear. With tensions between Driftwood and possibly the Shallows, they could ill afford to be in short supply of useful medicinal remedies.