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Snappers Catch — Turtleback Lake 
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Neha Vuesain
RE: Neha, a turtle tries to snap at your toes! Neha is located at the northeastern point of Turtleback Lake. All welcome. Perhaps someone from Driftwood or Shallows Edge?

Neha was quite frankly, feeling stressed as of late. Sure, she had settled back into pack life once again, but it had not been all smooth sailing for Nineva's group. There was the unrelenting threat of coyotes, but that was old news to her. Then the skirmish with their lakeside neighbors, Driftwood. Then the coyotes again, this time brazen enough to foolishly cross into pack territory and raid the caches. There was the attack on the Shallows wolf Judas had initiated, resulting in injuries to both and heightened tension. And now, the local plants of the Keep seemed to be sick. It was enough to make her a raw bundle of nerves.

She enjoyed her quiet time, as most of her pack mates knew. And unlike the dark Archer, was not one who'd actively initiate a fight. Not unless some unfortunate soul found her in only the darkest of moods and pushed their luck. Then maybe she would consider releasing all of that pent up anger, reverting back to that near feral nature that only her allies had seen when battling coyotes, or defending her borders. But today she did not plan for conflict. She wanted a breather. To relax.

She distanced herself from the Keep, heading northeast, a direction which should keep her well clear of any Surge or Shallows wolves. The heat was still rather oppressing, making her quite uncomfortable, even in her shorter summer coat. Her muscles felt usually sore...probably from all that pent up tension. Keeping close to the lake, she soon found the solitude she was looking for. She released a long held breath, sighing. Eyelids flitting closed, she stepped towards the water, letting it lap at her paws. She was up to her waist by the time her paw brushed against something rough and hard. Before she could peer down through the depths to try and make out what it was, there was a loud snap. Pain radiated through her right fore paw, which she drew back with a yelp. The wedged shaped head of a snapping turtle surfaced briefly, powerful jaws parting in a hiss towards the wolf before swimming away with a splash. Gritting her teeth, she hobbled back to more shallow water, favoring her paw. On her second toe, the nail was cracked, quite deeply. The flesh connecting her pad under that digit was also sliced open, bleeding freely. "Damn it...damn it all..." She hissed, collapsing on the beach, cradling her injured paw to her own chest.

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Bracken Reinier
The coyotes had been nothing but a pain in her arse since the encounter with @Hawthorne. The days following became a menacing game of hide-and-seek. It was impossible to set a course for anywhere. For the time-being, her search was put on hold. Bracken kept to the wandering streams, using them to stay hydrated and to muffle her scent.  The streams went north, and so Bracken went north with them.

Her first sight of the lake took her breath. She'd never so much water at once and so calm, so different that the shallows pools and rapids of the Pines. She put her toes in the cool water and squinted hard in the distance. 'Is that the opposite shore? Or an island?' The girls tail twirled at the possibility. 'An island free of coyotes?' She turned to look over her shoulder, sticking out a pink tongue at the shadows. Soon enough they would find her. With a shake to set her coat, the Reinier started into the water.

She was several yards out when the yelp reached her. Strong legs tread water while she watched a tawny wolf hobble ashore. Clearly something was wrong. Bracken blinked water out of orange eyes as the other wolf collapsed. Automatically, a reaction borne of concern, she barked aloud and started her course for the shore.
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