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Snappers Catch — Turtleback Lake 
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Neha Vuesain
RE: Neha, a turtle tries to snap at your toes! Neha is located at the northeastern point of Turtleback Lake. All welcome. Perhaps someone from Driftwood or Shallows Edge?

Neha was quite frankly, feeling stressed as of late. Sure, she had settled back into pack life once again, but it had not been all smooth sailing for Nineva's group. There was the unrelenting threat of coyotes, but that was old news to her. Then the skirmish with their lakeside neighbors, Driftwood. Then the coyotes again, this time brazen enough to foolishly cross into pack territory and raid the caches. There was the attack on the Shallows wolf Judas had initiated, resulting in injuries to both and heightened tension. And now, the local plants of the Keep seemed to be sick. It was enough to make her a raw bundle of nerves.

She enjoyed her quiet time, as most of her pack mates knew. And unlike the dark Archer, was not one who'd actively initiate a fight. Not unless some unfortunate soul found her in only the darkest of moods and pushed their luck. Then maybe she would consider releasing all of that pent up anger, reverting back to that near feral nature that only her allies had seen when battling coyotes, or defending her borders. But today she did not plan for conflict. She wanted a breather. To relax.

She distanced herself from the Keep, heading northeast, a direction which should keep her well clear of any Surge or Shallows wolves. The heat was still rather oppressing, making her quite uncomfortable, even in her shorter summer coat. Her muscles felt usually sore...probably from all that pent up tension. Keeping close to the lake, she soon found the solitude she was looking for. She released a long held breath, sighing. Eyelids flitting closed, she stepped towards the water, letting it lap at her paws. She was up to her waist by the time her paw brushed against something rough and hard. Before she could peer down through the depths to try and make out what it was, there was a loud snap. Pain radiated through her right fore paw, which she drew back with a yelp. The wedged shaped head of a snapping turtle surfaced briefly, powerful jaws parting in a hiss towards the wolf before swimming away with a splash. Gritting her teeth, she hobbled back to more shallow water, favoring her paw. On her second toe, the nail was cracked, quite deeply. The flesh connecting her pad under that digit was also sliced open, bleeding freely. "Damn it...damn it all..." She hissed, collapsing on the beach, cradling her injured paw to her own chest.

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Bracken Reinier
The coyotes had been nothing but a pain in her arse since the encounter with @Hawthorne. The days following became a menacing game of hide-and-seek. It was impossible to set a course for anywhere. For the time-being, her search was put on hold. Bracken kept to the wandering streams, using them to stay hydrated and to muffle her scent.  The streams went north, and so Bracken went north with them.

Her first sight of the lake took her breath. She'd never so much water at once and so calm, so different that the shallows pools and rapids of the Pines. She put her toes in the cool water and squinted hard in the distance. 'Is that the opposite shore? Or an island?' The girls tail twirled at the possibility. 'An island free of coyotes?' She turned to look over her shoulder, sticking out a pink tongue at the shadows. Soon enough they would find her. With a shake to set her coat, the Reinier started into the water.

She was several yards out when the yelp reached her. Strong legs tread water while she watched a tawny wolf hobble ashore. Clearly something was wrong. Bracken blinked water out of orange eyes as the other wolf collapsed. Automatically, a reaction borne of concern, she barked aloud and started her course for the shore.
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A nearby creek is full to the brim with fish. +3 Health
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After another tedious three days of travelling, the lone wolf had arrived at a scene of beauty. Eyes widened in wonder, Helen surveyed the new area, taking in the picturesque lake and mini lush green islands. How big is this lake? The two-year-old secretly wondered. While all was tranquil and relaxing, Helen, however, had other worries in her mind. Perhaps she had already gotten used to the constant hunger as it no longer seemed to bother her. What was troubling her was that her longing for company seemed to double. It was like a tiny parasite, slowly chewing nibbling away her fragile heart. Never had she felt so lonely. Having lived with a pack for the most of her life, she finally understood the hardships of a rogue, wandering around and worrying about her own survival every single day. One goal was clear in her mind - to join a pack. But where can I find one? Even if I do, what are the possibilities of being accepted? She very well knew how a pack might react to un-welcomed strangers.

Muscles aching, she slowed down to a halt, before settling on her haunches. For what seemed like the ten-thousandth time, she pressed her nose to the ground, and wrinkled it hopelessly. Much to her excitement, two scents wafted into her nostrils. Both were strong, which told her that there were two packs nearby. Her eyes lit up with sparks of hope, for there was this tiny chance that she would finally find a new family. Decidedly, she got up on all four paws again, spurred by the image of joining a pack. However, before she got to choose which direction to head off to, a hiss of agony broke the peaceful silence. Stunned, Helen froze for a second, body tensed up in alarm. In the distance, she watched as a tawny figure swimming in the waters hurriedly headed towards shore, a resounding bark escaping from her mouth. "What the..." Helen mumbled, as her attention was drawn to an agouti wolf flopping to the ground. "Oh no... Oh no..." Without any hesitations, Helen raced over as fast as her legs could carry her, barking out loud with a sense of urgency.
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Aytigin Delaney
Ayti loved the lake. The calm peaceful shores, the fresh fish that he was so good at catching, the vast size that their neighbors actually didn't seem to think was all that vast at all. Really, sometimes Ayti missed the gypsies. Not the time he spent as their toy and permanently screwed up his notion of romantic love, but more the freedom and the fact that they shared with all wolves. Shared with the world. Perhaps that would help the greedy wolves in the Lore - they needed to take notes.

The massive wolf ambled indolently around the shore, his ears perking up at a series of barks and concerned words that were tossed up ahead of him. He sped up to a trot and frowned when he spotted Neha laying on the bank, eyes rounding a bit. Though he was amused that two young loners seemed to have shown up before he had arrived and were just as concerned as he was, himself.

"What happened?" Ayti asked, offering the two strangers a smile as he approached them. He crouched down and winced at the state of Neha's forepaw. "Damn. Something got you good, huh?"
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Neha Vuesain

Hunkered down on the lakeside shore, a pained wince flitted over what some may have considered a pretty face. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, trying to breathe through the pain. Trying not to think of how bad the injury could be, if it had cut all the way to the bone. Of an even greater concern, was how in the hell she would make it back to the Keep on three legs and one very nasty wound on the other. Fate just wasn't cutting her a break.

Or was it?

The sound of a bark followed by hurried paws prompted her ears to lift. Slowly, almost agonizingly, Neha picked her head up from the cradle of her forelegs. Rushing towards her was a very concerned russet agouti wolf. The pack wolfs brown eyes were naturally cold, her face seemingly chiseled out of stone, but there was no malice there. She searched the female for any sign of familiarity, but found none. Before she could speak, while her own blood stained the pebble and mud mixture red, a wolf she did recognize arrived shortly after the first. @Aytigin, a member of her own pack. She had seen little of his presence as of late, but knew of him nonetheless. Now that she saw him up close, with his hulking frame and coffee colored fur, she was instantly reminded of @Draven. She averted her eyes from his smile, her own attempt at covering up the stoking emotions behind her icy exterior. "Yeah..." She grumbled. "I believe it was a turtle...a big one." Her lips curled in a sneer, flashing teeth in self disgust. "Tch. I let my guard down for a split second and this happens. Is it too much to ask for one relaxing day by the lake around here?" Her little spat over, she attempted to sit up, carefully shifting her weight to her left paw, while favoring the right. "It'll be a long way back to the infirmary..." She said, mainly addressing Aytigin. She saw no medicinal plants nearby...ones that would be useful in decreasing the flow of blood from her wound. And Helen, she didn't know, and thus assumed she had no medicinal background.

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.