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"Lonely Thread" Thread?
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Sounds redundent, doesn't it?

But anyways, I was wondering if we could get something similar to the spree thread -- sometimes I post AWs and they never get responses. I assume this might be because I posted during a busy time so they aren't on the first page, and people might not see them, so it would be nice to maybe have an area I could post like "hey still looking for someone for this!" instead of deading it?

Would anyone else find this useful, maybe?
wasn't there something like this before? attention to thread or something?
anyways, i definitely think this is a useful idea. c:
I think this could be a good idea as long as it doesn't turn into a giant tagging thread ((like i believe the attention to thread was?)) but I also wanna bump attention to the Lonely Thread Listing since it's about the same as a big lonely post thread - the only thing is to pay attention to the thread prefix on the listing.
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I think it’s be great! I hesitate to post on old aw cause I feel like they probably want to let it die after so long. It’d be nice to know where you can get a thread that’s already started.
I think this is a great idea especially adding to what switch said about older Aw's. You don't always know if the player who posted it is waiting g for it to dead or not. So this would be. A way to let others know that your still accepting replies to it.
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I knew about the lonely thread listing! But I think that shows all lonely threads, including Ps. I don't think it should be for tagging -- once it has responses, it's not lonely, but basically if you have a (usually older, since it got swallowed while the site was busy) RE or AW, it might be nice to be able to know if older threads are still "available".
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