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Elias Selwyn
Back dated to the 8th, when Elias returned.

The sun had only started to rise and the sky was painted a pretty pink, as though the world was welcoming him back home. He was tired beyond belief, both physically and emotionally, but the trip had been worth the time and effort. Elias wouldn't quite call it closure, because things weren't coming to an end but...He understood things a little better now, he could see how his actions had impacted others and so it was time he started trying to make amends. As much as he could anyway, in many instances the damage was already done.

Elias didn't announce himself as he crossed over the Keeps borders, he simply limped over and went on his merry way. There was no need to wake the other's, not when he intended to join them in the land of sleep.

In the two weeks he'd been gone, he couldn't help but wonder what he'd missed. How was his little love faring? Had she been behaving, as she'd promised? And Nin? Oh Nin... Just thinking of her made his heart jump in his chest, to say he'd missed snuggling up with her at night was a massive understatement. More than anything, he wanted to press a hundred sappy smooches to her face and snout. Just to prove how much he'd missed her!

The main communal den was in sight, Elias yawned. Just a little further and then he'd be at peace.

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