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The Fishing Wolves of Lake Huron
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The Fishing Wolves of Lake Huron

South of Relic Lore, on the northern borders of lake Huron, lives a small tribe of wolves, pleasantly secluded from other packs. They are fishers by tradition, gaining most of their sustenance from the lake and surrounding rivers. Their life has been built on generations sticking to these same customs; While surrounding packs have come and gone, grown and shrunk, the Huron Fishing Wolves have remained, a pillar in an otherwise changing land.

Old traditions and strong family values are the roots of this proud pack, currently consisting of three generations. Overseen by the wise “grandfather” Huron and led by his oldest daughter, they continue to thrive thanks to their adherence to these same ways, and continued isolation from their neighbors.

But every once in awhile, a struggling loner will come across the group, and taking pity on him, they will let him into their home. A few years ago, a such former resident of Relic Lore found his way to the lake-pack. Seeing him so lost, in so many ways, old Huron took him in, allowing him to live as part of the family and learn both their myths and craft. And as he did, his wounds gradually starting to heal, he fell in love; with the lake, and more acutely, with the grandfather’s youngest daughter, Aquene.

As gentle and bright as the sky she was named after, the lithe woman was the perfect medicine for a broken heart, and their love grew quick and strong. But it was not to last, as tragedy seemed to follow the the young man wherever he went. That same summer, what was meant to be only the beginning for the couple, became their end, when Aquene died giving birth to their first litter. A single pup was all she managed, too big for her delicate frame to bear.

There was no blame cast upon neither the child nor her father by the family, only sorrow shared amongst them all. The pup was taken in by her mother’s twin sister, Teirra, raised with as much love as had she been her own; though never denied the truth of her real mother. It was no bad childhood, growing up alongside age mate cousins and surrounded by a loving family, her father devoting himself fully to caring for his daughter and providing for the pack.

But with his mate gone, the Lore wolf longed home. He wanted to introduce his daughter to the rest of his family, and she how the lands where he had grown up. So, as she rounded her first year, the two decided to uproot, heading back north to Relic Lore.

Adopt a Fishing Wolf

This (not-so-little) girl is ready to take on Relic Lore! Explore her father’s childhood home, meet her family and make new friends and adventures of her very own. Grab this chance to adopt a character with extensive family ties both on site and beyond, and make the most of her extensive heritage.

Though officially named after both her grandparents, she mostly goes by the affectionate nickname given by her aunt and foster mother. Minnow is a self assured, boisterous young girl, but with a heart of gold hiding under her considerable bulk. She can come off brusque at times, but do more to constant urgency, and possible lag of social graces, than any real malice. She might not be the brightest stone in the creek, but she always throws her all into everything she does, and even if she doesn’t come out on top, usually takes it with a laugh, prefering to look on the bright side of things.

Taking heavily after her father’s side of the family, Minnow fills out a large frame with plenty of muscle and thick cream and grey fur. Her most outstanding features are the grey mask marking seeming to perfectly circle her eyes, and those very eyes, holding a stunning, light green hue. She has wide, dark lips that smile easily, and her fluffy, rounded ears are dusted with a faint hint of russet-brown.

Check out her profile for more inspiration!

Depending on the interest in Minnow, more Fishing Wolves might be made available at a later date. For now, Minnow and her father a ready to enter the Lore as soon as she’s adopted! If you're interested, you can either PM me or just post below.