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The Poison Plot
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Shout out to Alice for her help with this!

After becoming lost and disorientated in a snow storm whilst travelling along the Mountain of Dire, Lorcan found himself far from his home at Clearwater Tarn. Several times he tried to make his way back, but to no avail. A couple of weeks later, the starved and confused male was discovered by a scout of the Hunters Fell pack.

The HUNTERS FELL pack was in a state of panic and disarray, having just lost their best guardian to a vicious cougar attack – which had also left their Lead male fighting for his life. However, despite this, they nursed Lorcan back to health. However, when they found out that Lorcan was a healer, they begged and pleaded for him to stay for sake of their beloved Leader. Feeling that he owed them after all they had done for him, Lorcan agreed to stay for as long as it took their Leader’s injuries to heal, and not a day longer.

At the same time that this was happening, two neighbouring packs RAVENS PEAK and SALMONS RUSH were also facing difficult times. Prey was terribly scarce, with the majority of the herds sticking to the vast grassland inside the Hunters Fell territory. Desperate to survive and feed their starving pups, and hearing rumours of the weak state their neighbouring pack was currently in, the two packs banded together to surround the wolves of Hunters Fell, stealing scraps of food left near the border, bombarding them with (mostly empty) threats and using scare tactics in an attempt to drive them from their territory.

Feeling threatened, with wolves closing in on them from all sides, the wolves of Hunters Fell felt scared and overwhelmed. Their Lead male had succumb to his wounds, despite Lorcan’s best efforts and they were now at a loss of how to protect their homeland from the vicious invaders. Lorcan was also at a loss, unable to escape the drama to return to his own family. Ultimately it was desperation which pushed Lorcan to formulate the plan to poison scraps of food and offer them to the other packs as a ‘peace offering’. As a relative outsider, the wolves of two neighbouring packs would be more willing to accept his generosity.

The plan worked and soon enough, wolves of the Ravens Peak and Salmons Rush started getting sick. The pressure on Hunters Fell subsided and Lorcan was hailed a hero. Many of the remaining wolves declared that Lorcan should be the one to take over from their fallen leader, however, despite their best efforts to persuade him Lorcan declined their offer. Lorcan was finally able to return home, but not before finding out the true repercussions to his actions…

Howls could be heard from the wolves of the neighbouring packs, the ones who they had poisoned. Wolves sung in mourning for their loved one, mothers cried for their dead sons and daughters – pups who were too weak and starved to fight off the effects of the poison which had laced their long awaited final meals.




Ioke thought she was doing the best for her children when she offered them the scraps of meat her pack had received in the peace offering. Little did she know the suffering it would cause them. With both of her children dead at the paws of Lorcan, this mother is now out for one thing: retribution.

Note! This character is open for a mini-plot in which she will attempt to harm a pup from Clearwater Tarn!

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This female from the HUNTERS FELL pack has taken a particular fancy towards the 'hero' Lorcan after he saved her pack from the evil neighbours. She has decided to return to Relic Lore with him. She is well aware that he has his wife and pup (who he has yet to meet) waiting for him back home, but that doesn't put her off (A girl's gotta make sure her hero gets back home safe ;P). She is attentive and affectionate towards the male and wants nothing more than to serve him the best she can, regardless of her unspoken feelings towards him.

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