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Issues — Vigils Keep 
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Vigils Keep II. The Left Hand
Yuka Thorben
For @Neha

He was fed up with all this shit. First Driftwood Surge, then the coyotes, then Shallow's Edge. It was as if the Keep couldn't catch a break. Yuka could appreciate that @Nineva was dealing with the damage the best she could, but it just seemed like the wolves she gathered were making more problems than they were worth. He doubted his sister would ever say that though. She had a strong family complex, as far as she could tell. Family was family. There was nothing wrong with that, it was what made her a much better wolf than him. He felt no connection to those that slept next to him at night, except for his sister and niece.

This did not stop the Thorben from performing his duty. As the man walked around the borders, lifting his leg here and there to remark the border, he let out a deep sigh, taking a deep cleansing breath in. Soon, when he felt like Ellery could defend herself better and the pack was well-defended, he would go out for a bit, stretch his legs, and explore the surrounding area. There was only so long that Yuka could be in one place without getting itchy paws.

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Neha Vuesain

Like a wraith, Neha stalked through the heart of the Keep, ever alert. She was tense, and with good reason. The coyotes were running a muck and their neighbors of Driftwood Surge were never far from her mind. But at least here, surrounded by the many rocky crevices and walls, the pack was at peace. However, the sense of being cooped up, of being trapped did not sit well with her. Even the single time she had ventured astray for a simple day of relaxation close to the lake had not ended well. Her second toe on her right paw was still healing. The flesh red and raw, littered with scabs. All because she had been foolish, daring to let her guard down and not watch where she stepped. Served her right.

While still tender, she had no difficulty walking. The pale agouti female simply watched how she put her weight on that particular area of her paw and kept the healing wound clean. Along her stroll, she neared the borders. Her brown eyes peered out across the unseen line she knew was there, with a longing for freedom. But she would not cross. Not if she wanted to get harassed by coyotes or a Surge wolf. Sneering, she turned away to resume her steady patrol along the perimeter. Up ahead, a flash of distinct russet and grey caught her eye. Yuka. The man who had so willingly showed her the ropes of fighting. He seemed liable to be a bit rough around the edges, but maybe that was why the Vuesain was drawn to his company. A likened soul. Her spirits lifting only a fraction, she called out in a low chuff before falling in line next to him. Hardened eyes fixated ahead, she huffed. She could almost sense the irritability radiating off of him. "Heh. Don't tell me you are just as sick as feeling like a prisoner as I am?"

Neha can often be found close to Aleister's side and therefore may appear in any of his threads.
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Vigils Keep II. The Left Hand
Yuka Thorben

He was not expecting company but what else should he expect now that he was in a pack. Where he was expected to be civil with anyone in the pack just because they lived in the same territory. This was okay though, Neha wasn't that bad. A russet ear cupped towards her as she approached but he did not move his body to face her. He did not stop moving when she caught up, eyes set straight ahead. The woman's words hit a little bit too close to home but he would not dishonor his sister by revealing just how much he was feeling suffocated by settling down. He was starting to think that maybe this was something he should have slowly exposed himself to. While he certainly lived in a pack when he was younger, it was a different setting, where it didn't feel like a family all the time.

Deciding to fake indifference, the man spoke gruffly, "I don't view this place as a prision. This is my home. Our home. We're free to leave at any time." It just wasn't recommended and Yuka would do anything that he could to ensure that his family was safe.

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