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.... ooc name:Switch
.... current characters:Triell,Renier,Vareth,Lila,Lilith,Summiter,Remington
.... how you found us: magical web
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength):done
....a role play sample (200+ words):It had been a long while since she'd left the Edge. It seemed the coyotes were smart enough not to stray past pack borders, but she still was vigilant. They had gotten bolder, and there might be a time when they push their luck further when a cache tempted them. Or they thought there might not be much of the pack about and she wanted to leave them with little opportunity. It was her official job now. But it wasn't the only one. They all had to eat. It was with that thought she headed north to really stretch her legs.

She didn't hope to catch something, but maybe see an opportune moment for a pack hunt. With little trouble she followed the signs of a caribou herd hoping to come upon them. So far she unlucky, and knew she was probably getting a bit too close to the lake. She was sure they were on good terms with Driftwood Surge, but she rather leave them their space. Especially without an official blessing given to hunt so near by. By the looks of it, she'd probably just end up going home. The herds were probably only moving further to the lowlands and she wouldn't follow so far. A little worn, as the day was only getting hotter, she decided a break was in order. She wanted the lake, but each path she followed only seemed to twist back to another, leading her no closer to the water. Frustrated an exasperated groan fled her throat, and she sat down.
and finally a bit about your character....Spawn of Aponi and Skoll.

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