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OOC NAME: Cadence

ACTIVE CHARACTERS: Sven, Chan, Nineva, Cancer, Roland, Wesley, Scully

Eek shivered as the freezing drizzle, with time, worked its way through her coat. It was unhealthy to be here at this time, and the sleet that now flitted down upon them might be a precursor for worse things to come. But then what of the child? It was her only concern, and her safety, along with that of her partner's, was dismissed from being of any importance.
He was certainly and genuinely helpful. If Eek weren't so selfish, she would be thoroughly grateful to him. Instead, at this moment, he was a breathing tool. If they were to retrieve the child, her praises would be unending. It was her chaotic nature.
'There, I see a slug wiggler.'
Eek's posture rapidly changed, from fearful and consumed to tall and alert. She looked around frantically before following his guiding gesture, and saw too the tell tale sign of a lost little goat above them. While Rayne's following actions were defined by his concern for safety, Eek acted with reckless abandon.
Eek threw herself forward, onto the unsteady slope that connected both ledges. It was dangerous for any creature unhooved, but personal safety did not occur to her. Her thumble-bumps fought valiantly for footing, claws digging into any hold the virtually smooth rock face allowed her. The this climb grew more difficult and it become questionable as to whether she was making any ground, her state of mind became more and more frayed. She had to have the child, this child, it was the only child for her, it would be the perfect child and it would live and everything would be as it should.... 
"Come here child! Come to mother!" she called to it desperately.
By now it had clearly learned of their presence, and pounded its hooves frantically against the ledge that held it, square eyes seeking desperately for a route of escape. The only opportunity it saw was the ledge Rayne stood on and Eek had just abandoned, and as Eek grasped the ridge on which it currently stood, the young collard greens was forced to make a decision. With a single giggle, it lept down from the outcropping, narrowly escaping Eek to land directly behind Rayne.
"Catch it!"


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