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.... ooc name: becuffin
.... current characters: Morg, Treyah, Odin, Ayla, Elwood, Sedna, Adarius
.... how you found us: I live here
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): done
....a role play sample (200+ words):

Odin hadn't been too worried about things being awkward with Cheedo, but then again, Odin didn't worry about much. When she came closer and declared his daughter cute he managed a smirk, "Thank th' old gods she takes after 'er mother, hey?" Truth be told, he worried she took after himself just a little too much, and while he couldn't wait to introduce her to all the slimy things that lived in the tarn and all the fun that dropping them on unsuspecting victims was, he also worried she might target her mother and he remembered how that had gone down the last time she was in the line of fire. Maybe... just maybe he should keep that game to himself.
It seemed their playdate was about to be interupted though, as the sky began to flash and rumble with increasing frequency. She didn't quite have the guard hairs of an adult yet, and if she got soaked through he'd never hear the end of it if his mother ever caught wind so he offered an apologetic smile to Cheedo and forced himself back to his feet to try and act as a wooly umbrella for his offspring. "Oh no! Big wet! We better get back inside huh? I'll race yer!" Hopefully, if he made it a competition, she'd be more willing to go where he wished to herd her. If not, well, she wasn't so big that he couldn't just carry her, but she wouldn't stay that way for long.

and finally a bit about your character...
Percy squints.

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