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.... ooc name: Brian

.... current characters: Daesamar, Aeliana and Nikolai
.... how you found us:  living here
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): already set
....a role play sample (200+ words): 
The young wolf bit his tongue, fighting back the impulse to just blurt out that he wanted to know everything about it. He realized that he’d probably never be able to learn everything that had to do with love. At least though with Cheedo’s age, he was positive that she had far more experience with the subject. How could he even phrase it? He had been wondering off on occasion to visit a wolf from a different pack? Thinking about it even more caused that feeling of guilt to return.

Cheedo and the pack deserved better than what he had been offering, the sense of duty his mother had drilled into him had been clouded by the sudden blind passion. @Lyanna had almost become an obsession for the young wolf. He realized that it could become a problem, being away from her now, he realized that he couldn’t just uproot himself from the pack that had taken him in. It was utterly selfish and left him feeling sick. Mustering his thoughts he finally blurted it out “Yea, there’s someone I’ve met and um, I think I’m in love with her but I’m not sure at the same time. I’ve been seeing her once in a awhile when I’m suppose to be out hunting and because of it I’ve brought back little.” Once he finally got it out, the guilt felt oddly relieved. He had never lied about going to see her but the idea that he was giving less then his best and letting the others assume had been eating away at his conscious. “I’m sorry Cheedo, I really am.”

and finally a bit about your character.... She's just trying to get by now

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