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The Moons Edge
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The Moons Edge is an open semi-realistic, semi-literate, werewolf rpg. We try to stay different to the other werewolf clichés so here is just a few... we do not have bonded pairs, no mind-linking, and definitely no wolves that replicate twilight! This rpg is more about the naturalistic, animalistic, and emotional side of being a werewolf. We have all kinds of packs open for the taking, NPC's to adopt or play with, and better yet, we have a pack alpha that is getting old and has very odd views on werewolf life! Not only that, we have thrown humans and demi-wolves into the mix! We are searching for active players that view forums to be just as active as those that play in it. Now all we need are a few staff members and those willing to share their ideas and become a part of the realm! Join us today!

Elle here,

I seem to have forgotten to post a link! My bad :p