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Adventures with Atsila~!
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Hey guys! I haven’t posted one of these for a long time.

Atsila’s coming in later today or tomorrow, and she’s initially coming in down south. However, she’s going to be wandering a lot, so she’ll be all over the Lore in the coming week or two.

I’m open to plots if you’d like to pm me, but basically I’m just looking for her to meet some other wolves at the least!

Either post below, pm me, or dm me on Slack <3
Garmir is always available If you head towards wildwood or CAD. ^_^/

Welcome Back.
[Image: garmir_by_loccian_love-dc6mod2.png]

All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
I have Blitz and Freyja in and around WR.
Can't wait to thread with you again!