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I'd like to make myself believe — Poison Path 
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Elias Selwyn

It was all so strange, the feeling that he'd lost something, that he didn't belong. His mind was a shrouded in mist, somehow thick and tangible as though he was wading through a bog. There were faces, names in the distance but no matter how much he pressed forward he could never make them out. It was awful. The pain was one thing, sharp but real, something he was familiar with but this? He felt so lost and alone, like he shouldn't even be here.

His achy, ruined paws led him away from the lake, down weathered paths lined with a strange sort of plant he didn't recognise. The blood was washed from his face and his legs weren't quite as wobbly, but the man was still clearly a mess. Not even a man, really, just a feeble blonde shadow of one, a tired approximation who just wanted to go home. Whatever and wherever it was.

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