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.... ooc name:Switch
.... current characters:Renier,Lila,Remington,Triell,Lilith,Vareth
.... how you found us: world wide web
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): already assigned
....a role play sample (200+ words):It was clear summer was begging for more weeks. It's heat hung throughout the day, and started to wane as the sun passed. But with the dying grasses, and even some leaves changing it wasn't hard to guess what would soon come. Time was always the consistent. Fall would be here, and winter would follow. But he hated to think of it all right around corner. His first day here, he knew he didn't belong. Knew he was supposed to be elsewhere. But he was no closer to finding it. Part of it was his fault. It wasn't like he had put great effort into it. Searching, and asking questions. Trying to figure out where he'd come from. Yet, he found no confidence in his strange visions, dreams, or inclinations. Did they really mean something? He was convinced a river might, but he was sure there were a lot of rivers and there was probably little differences in between to know which one was...his.

Today he told himself it'd be different. So he forced himself out from the borders he had long kept behind in safety. As the sun began to light the world there was a change. It wasn't fog, or mist, or clouds. But it did cut off the view of the valley below. A great, gray haze settled over the valley obstructing everything. It made his nose hurt despite how there was no evident fire here. But it wasn't just that. He knew it had meant something terrible. It made him remember he hated that smell, and familiar fear curled around him. He recalled the black clouds that beat down his throat. Choking him, as he tried to race from the heat. From flames that ate the ground, the trees, and chased him. He'd been lost then too trying to find someone...somewhere. He'd found a river to keep him safe. He could picture the charred trees.
and finally a bit about your character....Summiter might decide the Lore has something to offer him.