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Poll: Should he be allowed to rejoin?

Wild Rye Fields.
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@Jessie Sorry I was gone for a while! Also not following the prompt because it is a rejoin, hope that is okay. I'm assuming they will be there by the end of my post if PP is okay, let me know if you need me to change anything.

Alvar could tell that trying to rejoin was not going to be easy, he had left the pack, (however unintentionally) after promising to stay and help them through all times. He was deeply ashamed of himself, and wanting to explore more locations of The Lore was no excuse. His head held low as he walked toward the border of the territory, he called out for the leader of the pack, he had caught a groundhog on the way here and was hoping it would be enough.

When he arrived and sat down to wait, he could see plenty of herbs growing around him, he picked as many as he could hope to carry and sat them in neat little piles in front of him.

When @Jessie showed up, he did not wait for her to speak, as he knew she would likely not, she was not a chatty one from his experience. He spoke litte saying only... "I know I have wronged the pack and hope you can forgive me, and that you will accept these gifts and me back into your pack." He pushed forward the food and herbs and waited.
Hey hawthorn. Since Alvar just dropped off this activity check and you rejoined with him one day after it ran, I can just add him back onto the roster. :)
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ok, works for me!
Alvar Forsberg.