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an empire falls
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off in the distance

North and Calix grew up in Bralin - a massive kingdom at the very northern tip of Canada, - under the rule of a wolf named Vizla. Of course, their names were not always North and Calix - they started out life in 2016 a mere month apart by the numbers N-24 and C-36. The commoner females that were allowed to breed with the higher-ranking males were not authorized to give their children names. Instead, as the pups themselves would be considered commoners until they underwent training to join the army, Vizla's advisers went out to each litter and gave them each a letter followed by the number associated with how many wolves of that letter there had already been.

there is resistance

Calix's mother was a law-abiding citizen and raised him exactly the way Vizla ordered - hands off, no affection. Only the basic necessities were to be met for his survival.

North's mother was a different story.

Though she maintained her front - treated him as she was supposed to in front of everyone else. But when they were alone, she indulged him and offered him her love and affection. She was the one who put it in his head that this was not the way things were supposed to be - an ideology that he would eventually pass on to Calix.

bubbling up and festering

The boys met one another, officially, in the fall of 2016. At the time, Calix was the smaller of the two - though he would not remain that way for long. But he was the smallest in the group they were being trained in, and that made him an easy target for a few of the more aggressive children they happened to be stuck with.

North happened upon a trio of kids picking viciously on the darker pup, and - as his mother had taught him - stood up for the little guy. And by that, it's meant that he leaped in and just got himself beat up alongside Calix, even though the sentiment was still there.

And as they lay, panting and bleeding on the snow, North got Calix to start thinking.

"It doesn't have to be this way."

hey mr. motion

They became hesitant friends after that. Or, well... North had officially befriended Calix. Calix was a bit more hesitant, but as time went on, they grew closer, bonding over their dislike of what was going on around them and over trying to steer clear of bullies. Over time, the two began really thinking about the what ifs of the whole situation. Reluctantly, they partook in their training and learned quickly that they had to fight to survive.

It was during this time that North managed to get Calix to accept the name Calix instead of just C-36.

In the spring of 2017, they began planning ways to overcome Vizla's tyrannical reign. Nothing they could think of would work, of course - they were only children, and it would be impossible for them to fight the whole army with just two of them anyway.

So North enlisted the help of his mother and, carefully, they began building an undercover resistance.

make me a potion

It took a long time for them to become skilled enough and gather enough wolves to effectively rebel. In fact, it was all the way into late spring of 2018 before they managed it. And, on May 16th, 2018, they launched their attack.

The battle was bloody and chaotic, and nigh on a hundred wolves lost their lives.

It was Calix and North who managed to corner Vizla in his den. Both young wolves were already hurt and exhausted, but they understood that ending Vizla was the only way to really win the fight. And while Vizla was no spring chicken, he was battle-hardened and far more skilled than either Calix or North combined. It was a brutal fight - North lost vision in his right eye and Calix' muzzle was torn down into bone, but they managed to succeed.

They dragged Vizla's body out and presented it to the fighting wolves, and upon seeing that their leader was dead, Vizla's followers ran, leaving only a handful of rebels left to pick up the pieces of what was once a vast kingdom of wolves.

shake it all up with your mystery

Successful and healing, Calix and North decided to strike out on their own later that summer and head south, where eventually they would reach the Lore. Whether anyone decides to follow them remains to be seen.

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Medium, slightly smaller than Calix
Born June 12th, 2016
Chaotic Good Alignment
Bold - Talkative - Friendly - Loyal - Protective - Analyst - Humorous - Flirty
Blind in right eye
May or may not harbor romantic feelings for Calix (AKA he's in denial)

[Image: Cyt0KtC.jpg?2]


Medium, slightly larger than North
Born May, 2016
Neutral Good - Neutral Alignment
Quiet - Reserved - Awkward - Impulsive - Hotheaded - Shy but Tries
Deep scars across muzzle
May or may not harbor romantic feelings for North (Your choice)


Other wolves - whether they be Vizla's or from the Resistance!

To apply for Calix or other wolves from Bralin, PM Risaela a 200+ word sample, plus any ideas you may have for their future/personality/any changes you want to make.

Thanks for reading!
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