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Come out and play... — The Wildwood 
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Daesamar Silverveil
sorry for the delay, the holiday season was madness

Daesamar’s ears perked, he did listen, and he didn’t like a single bit of what Zev was saying. His blood? What the heck could he possibly want that for? Blood was for the body, precious to live. To shed it for no reason? The idea left the large wolf’s stomach turning. The fear he felt ebbed into slow burning anger, why couldn’t the icy-eyed wolf just leave him alone? He didn’t want any part of this. Daesamatr took another step backward, less than a foot away from the hidden figure now and he shook his head slowly.

“No.” He said with a shake of his head, his tail swaying behind him, he was doing his best to hide his agitation. “I don’t want any part of your ceremonies, ok? You’ll have to find someone else for it.”
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a bit of writers block but I'll pull out a much better thread next time I promise

Zev grinned wickedly showing his teeth off far more then necessary for a 'smile' He spoke in a sing song voice "If you wish to run, then run along."

The large brute then feinted toward the male just to chase him off, he didn't want to draw this ones blood, not today anyway. As he pounced toward him and purposely missed he landed where he had saw that flash of movement before, little did he know whom he was about to encounter but he'd snap his teeth at this new target anyway. If it turned out to be a branch well then he'd look no more foolish then when he had dug up the skull before and perhaps the male would leave thinking Zev a foolish old fool.
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Rosalin Victoria Kingsley
and now its my turn to say sorry! DX

Before she knew it they were practically on top of her, way too close to escape now. The princess cursed to herself as her mind tried to figure out an escape route. Hunkered down beneath a tree Rosalin listened as Zev's unmistakable voice told the boy to run along if he wished before lunging at him. The old brute had been just out of sight of her emerald orbs but was clear as day as he came snapping over that hill. Adrenaline surged through the woman's veins allowing her to jolt back just in time to avoid his jaws. A snarl of her own tore through her throat as she moved into a defensive position. She wasnt the inexperienced yearling she once was and wasnt about to be surprised once more. 
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