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Pet cemetery
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So I was thinking that we could have a special event for the 30th and 31st where we allow dead characters to come back for those two nights only, and one wolf per person. It could be to wreak mayhem or to provide comfort to their loved ones. We could have people submit prompts until the 29th then they could be coded like the trick or treat thread. I know it’s sort of late notice, but I think it would be fun! Staff could pick the best prompts to use. We could also stop the prompts on the 28th, post all the prompts on a thread with numbers next to them and people could vote on their favorite ones. Then, polling could close on the 29th.
This is amazing!! I’d love this so much, you have no idea.
I love this idea!
To maybe streamline things a bit and keep Staff from having to activate and deactivate Deceased accounts, could also just have a little fun Prompt thread in the Fun & Games forum? Anyone whose late wolf wants to participate provides a prompt (could make it as spooky and as specific as you'd like); and, anyone who wants to participate thread-wise with a late wolf can use their prompt.

For Example:

Borden's prompt:

The chilled autumn wind rustles through the Cedarwood. Today was supposed to be a special day, but, frankly, he couldn't remember... The leaves got caught in his fur before whipping past him and scurrying across the forest floor. He stared at the cedar tree trunks, staring absentmindedly for a time before moving on and leaving the ring of mushrooms he had been standing it. Perhaps if he kept walking, he would be ablc to recall the reason why he had come to this very place, but for now, he had stood there a moment too long and it was time for him to move on again...

AW Mouse thread:

Mouse hadn't thought he would have continued east, but he did. With the winds as active as they were, he felt as if the Ancestors or some unseen forces were leading him to something special. He romped through the evergreen forest, his eyes narrowed as the gale tore through his pelt. He had just come around an ancient fir when he thought he saw someone. A flutter of his eyelids blinked the illusion away - what he thought had been a wolf had simply been a pile of leaves. To investigate further, he slowly strode across the dying grass, his gaze fixated on where the ghost had been in the middle of a fairy ring...etc.
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Thanks for the suggestion, Kristen! I think this could be a lot of fun, however, I would encourage you (and anybody else who would like to organize it), consider how you could set it up as a Fun & Games prompt instead. With Sarah on vacation, I'm the only one who can set up the shortcodes to do this in a similar manner to the trick or treat event, and I don't have the bandwidth to do that with the proposed timeline. Likewise with setting up a staff poll - I would encourage you to collect all the prompts and post a poll yourself. :) I would also encourage this idea to go in the direction that Grey is suggesting, as staff won't be reactivating/deactivating deceased character accounts.
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@Serach Awesome! Yeah Grey's idea is definitely the best to go with c: Do you think that we could claim the prompts as REs?
(Oct 23, 2018, 08:12 PM)Leith Wrote:  @Serach Awesome! Yeah Grey's idea is definitely the best to go with c: Do you think that we could claim the prompts as REs?

No, I don't think so. Since we've got the Trick or Treat contest ongoing which is "site-sponsored", so to speak, we've already got one event ongoing to award special RE points.
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